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Sometime ago I was rung up by a journal asking me to advertise with them. Most people get these kinds of calls, but I turned them down. It was only later that day that I discovered a seed of an idea had been sown. Most good ideas come from quite random acts. So, I decided that it was high time to produce a Directory for all those therapists living within Hertfordshire, England, where I live.

As I went about researching this, spirit whispered urgently in my ear – “No. Bigger”. Okay I thought, I would encompass, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. But again spirit were back with “No. Bigger.” Just how big did they want me to go?

I thought maybe I should cover the UK and Ireland. That would be big enough. But it wasn’t. Not as far as this ambitious little spirit was concerned. “Bigger, bigger, bigger” was his mantra.

And so I took spirits’ advice and published The Global New Age Directory 2016 covering worldwide therapies, listed by country then by discipline. In the back of this glossy book you will find listings for all those advertisers who have helped in producing this offering for you. Again, these listings are by country. I decided also to list those people selling products, spiritual retreats and centres, services, new age shops and institutes. The result is this amazing book of knowledge. My aim is for people to be able to look up a therapist that they need, in their area, or the area they are visiting without having to trawl through the internet. It also serves to link like-minded therapists, not only in their immediate area or countries, but across continents.

The Global New Age directory has produced spin-offs for the USA/Canada, UK/Ireland and Australia/New Zealand.  

For a chance to advertise in The Global New Age directory, please contact me at for a booking form

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