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Feel the fear and say sorry anyway by Debbie Nagioff (

We tend to measure achievements in this life by the amount of money we have amassed, the exams we have passed, the positions we attain and the circles we frequent. Very few of us measure achievement by the karmic lessons we complete.Karma is the sum of our actions in this life and previous lifetimes that we must settle if possible before we pass to spirit and thence into future existences. Saying sorry comes very high on the list of karmic settlements. If you like, karma is debt from previous lifetimes that we need to pay off in our present existence. One thing we should try and avoid in this lifetime is creating more “debt” by bad feeling, petty jealousies, ego attention and bitterness.One of the ways we can avoid karmic debt is to say sorry and apologise for our own wrongdoings or sayings. Some people find this simple act impossible and won’t do it, whilst others find their egos forever block their path, and find “saying sorry” an act of weakness.Those with egos find this lesson particularly gruelling. They either don’t deal with it at all, or they may say something like “I feel an apology is in order”, and then don’t give one. If you are one of these people, dig deep into yourself and say sorry to someone this year. Think about the people who were once your friends, and now feel uneasy around you. Somewhere, somehow, you may have created a difficult situation and not dealt with it. Saying sorry is perhaps the greatest achievement you can attain in this lifetime. It will assuage your soul and reduce your karmic debt by creating good healing energy. So pick up the phone, text, whatsapp, facebook or email today, and feel the fear. Let’s make this a time to heal all debts.

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