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Writer, Hypnotherapist, Clairvoyant and Relationship Therapist

If you would like a clairvoyant reading, either face-to-face, Zoom or via skype, please email me at Please go to my section on booking readings for further information.

If you have been struggling with giving up smoking, weight issues, anxiety or depression, artistic blocks or any other issues, please do contact me for details. of either a one-off weight management Prices are available on my website under "Booking readings". Hypnotherapy for Smoking cessation, Virtual Gastric Band, Weight Management, Past life Regression, Anxiety, Depression, Artistic Blocks

now available face-to-face or via skype. Please see my section on booking readings.

Sessions can be booked for face-to-face management or via skype or Zoom.

Books Available from TSL Publications by Debbie Nagioff

AI Life Love Death Debauchary - Debbie N
Twin flame and other soul mates cover

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An American Lunch in four courses


When Elvis Met Marlon

Two huge handsome American icons (literally and physically!), who, in their later years became gross physically. I imagine them meeting at a diner in New York and how they would converse — Marlon Brando, through his best movie lines, and Elvis Presley through his best lyrics.

The Waiter

This is a story about the American dream and the immigrant. Irving Caitlan has opened up a new kosher diner in Queen's. Like many immigrants he has changed his name to disguise his ethnicity.

Lenny is a wannerbe actor working as a waiter. He is waiting for a miracle to happen and has his eye on the big chance.

The Oldest Swingers in the Business

This is a story about “swinging” pensioners in Florida. Gordo and Joy hold regular swingers parties for the more avant garde. Madelaine and Arnie come along to see what is on offer.

Divorce Party Prep

Bella and Sadie are grandmothers on either side of a family, in Brooklyn, New York. They have a 60-year history of feuding and fall outs. Today they're preparing for their granddaughter Judy's divorce party. 



Twin flame and other soul mates cover

We meet many soul mates during our time on Earth, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, husbands, wives and lovers, but nothing prepares us for the meeting (or re-meeting) with our twin flame or twin soul. The latter pairing is extremely rare and defies description and labelling. There is always a deep and loving bond present, but because the two may not be on the same psychic page, the many separations that ensue cause us indescribable pain.

To understand this and other soul connections we have to tune into the origins of these relationships, the seeds of which lie in previous lifetimes. These past connections have thrown up karmic lessons which have to be learned and worked through in this lifetime.

This book deals with understanding the different types of soul connections we encounter, understanding the pain they can cause and how to move forward.

Cover to Celebrity Soul Mates and their Astrological Synastry - Part 1

We encounter many soul mates in this life from the time we are born, till the day we die, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles and aunts, best friends, lovers, husbands, wives. Yet arguably the meeting that has the greatest impact on our lives and our psyche is that between twin flames (or twin souls). Suffice to say it’s a very rare connection indeed.

My first book, The Twin Flame and other Soul Mate Connections dealt exclusively with such connections. Familiar Strangers is primarily a look at the twin soul and soul mate connections, but from the astrological point of view. It therefore necessitates covering the very basics of astrology, from a light “coffee table” perspective so that readers can go away and research their own charts and move on to more in-depth research into astrology and soul connections.

To all those who have suffered the bereavement of soul mate separation and feel they are truly going insane; to those involved in a soul connected relationship they haven’t the words to describe or are desperate so to do, this book is for you.

Hello Vera - Debbie Nagioff_edited.jpg

“Celebrity Soul Mates and their Astrological Synastry – Part 1” came out in 2017 and it is my intention in part 2 to further the theme. The typical reader is an intermediate level astrologers, and looks at the alchemy surrounding well-known couples and partnerships. It looks at the chemistry that drew them together and the reasons, in some cases, why they split up and came back together again. Why have I chosen these particular examples? Mainly for their magic, and also in some cases because these have had major obstacles to overcome.

In many cases only one time of birth may be known for one of the partners, but I have worked on what I can to show you why these couplings have natural chemistry.

NB: I have only touched on certain astrological aspects here. This book is not intended to give full readings on each couple/partnership, but rather to give a taster only for the serious intermediate student to embrace what is here and research further. Are you ready to take my hand and turn the next page? Then, let’s go!

Cover Eternal Thread - Debbie Nagioff (1).jpg
Cover Karmic Cycle - Debbie Nagioff (1).jpg
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