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Amazon DVDs and Books

The Global New Age Directory 2016

If you ever wanted to find a therapist, psychic, astrologer or any of us working within the new age disciplines, anywhere in the world, now is your chance.  The Global New Age Directory 2016  by Debbie Nagioff is now available at Amazon both as a kindle and paperback.  

If you are looking for a directory of therapists covering the USA and Canada, Debbie Nagioff has published this also in kindle and paperback.  

Look out for these books.

The Twin Flame and other soul mate connections

"The Twin Flame and other Soul Mate connections" is now out in paperback and available to purchase through Amazon or

The twin flame and other soul mate connections

Are you going away this summer and taking your kindle with you?  

Why not download The Twin Flame and Other Soul Mate Connections by Debbie Nagioff so that you can read it on the beach, by the pool and with total ease that you are not going to be overlooked by prying eyes.

Order direct from Amazon Kindle or via

You can also order the  PDF version via

Amazon market place

I am delighted to announce a brand new page on selling for Amazon some of my favourite DVD movies and old series.
Do come and have a look and you will find some wonderful black and white films like "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning", "Poor Cow", "Up the Junction", old war films like "Reach for the Sky" and much much more.
Please drop in any time, and if something takes your fancy, then all you have to do is click and buy.

Amazon products

Exciting Amazon DVDs and books now available for you to buy through
including the fabulously lushDowton Abbey, the legendary "Dave Allen", the wonderful "Two Ronnies" and much more.  If you want to see more products, please advise me of your favourites, so you can buy them through this website for knock down prices.
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