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I am very pleased to tell you that my latest book, "FAMILIAR STRANGERS - Soul Mates, Twin Flames and their Astrological Synastry" is now available as a kindle download and will be available via Amazon as a glossy, colour paperback within the next few days.  I hope you'll all buy a copy. 


I am putting together a New Age Directory to cover Great Britain.

If you are a clairvoyant, psychic, tarot reader, astrologer, complementary therapist, or have any connections with new age work, please contact me for a booking form so that your business can be listed in this New Age Directory, due to come out at the end of the year.

Special Psychic Parties/Hen Nights/Weddings/Corporate Events

Do you want to add something special to your special event?  Why not have a psychic party with internationally known clairvoyant Debbie Maya.  As well as general clairvoyant readings, Debbie has the unique ability of reading the energies surrounding soul mate connections and retrieving the information about past life connections.

So if you want something special for a your special event, contact Debbie at to discuss further.

Clairvoyant soul mate and twin flame readings

If you are looking for general clairvoyant readings, face-to-face, via skype, email or phone, please contact me via email to arrange a reading at 

I have a unique ability also to read the energies surrounding soul mate connections.  So if you are in a difficult and painful twin flame or soul mate relationship and don't know which way to turn, please contact me.

The Astro Soul Mate Cafe

The Astro Soul Mate Cafe is open to all to visit at uk.  

The Astro Soul Mate Café is a brand new stroll in the 
park for Debbie Nagioff Spirit Level Media.  

Ahead of my new book “Familiar Strangers – Soul 
Mates, Twin Flames and their Astrological Synastry” 
being published this year, I am able to offer an exciting 
new way for soul mates to meet and connect through 
the Astro Soul Mate Café by checking out each other’s 

Clairvoyant/Soul Connections/Twin Souls/Past Lives

I am a clairvoyant with a specialist gift of tuning into the energies surrounding soul mate connections, and then drilling deeper into the past life connection.  Wherever you may live, you may contact me via my website at for a face-to-face, telephone, skype or email reading.

Clairvoyant readings by Debbie Maya

Please contact me if you are interested in a general clairvoyant reading, or want to understand a soul mate connection.  I can also use my astrological expertise to give you a fuller understanding of that connection.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Through my work as a clairvoyant, I have always been interested in past lives (as well, of course, as this life!).

Through meditations, and through tuning into the energies that surround soul mate connections, I have been able to tune into past lives.

I am trained as a past life therapist and am now offering people the opportunity to explore their own past lives through hynotherapy and relaxation.

Clairvoyant for Pamper Events

Are you having a pamper event and want a clairvoyant.   Contact Debbie Maya at

The Twin Flame and Other Soul Mate Connections

The Twin Flame and other Soul Mate Connections by Debbie Nagioff

Get the definitive book on Twin Flames and Soul Mate Connections.  No time wasted on theory and speculation - Just the honest truth.

The concise book that everybody's talking about.

Amazon Kindle and Paperback
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